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Unauthorized use of the "Free Jam Society" trademarked title (as your own personal Aaron Morris FreeJamSociety online username all over the internet) is very flattering Aaron Morris, but it is also prohibited by law. People do it anyway. People like Aaron Martin Morris. This website is all about the music! I must now apologize, for this non-musical nonsense! It’s way too long and boring. Too many words. -“…shut up and play your guitar!”.

For those of you now involved with the new 2021 Free Jam Society, you will require some background information from twenty years ago in the past, in order to understand what's going on with the current “attempted FJS legal hostile takeover” situation and to know what's going to happen with the future of the FJS legal status. I would like to thank the people who brought this bad situation to my attention, I appreciate your good intentions while helping me maintain my FJS interests, copyrights, trademarks, integrity and proper legal ownership. You know who you are, and I thank you!

 The Free Jam Society has been around since before 2001 and formed while playing on stage at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison Colorado (back when they used to allow musicians from anywhere freely onto the stage to perform). Aaron Morris came along with his groovy mandolin and Yamaha PSR keyboard and we jammed along nicely for a couple of years. He helped provide an idea for the working title that I would eventually use to create a trademark with and design a website for the Free Jam Society, with a lot of help from JJ and extensive input from many musicians.

Since 2003, Aaron Morris has become a disgruntled ex-jammer, who is now attempting to take control over my Free Jam Society interests, copyrights, trademarks and legal ownership, for his own personal use. While very quick to point out problems with Free Jam Society music and events, Aaron offers no solutions, only more problems. Quick to judge, quick to anger, slow to understand. Now an active internet troll, rather than a performing musician. Does Aaron Morris help with any production aspects of the actual jam, open stage hosting or concert? No! He only offers more complaints. Does Aaron Morris help with hauling the equipment and the gear, setting up gear, breaking down gear or being useful, kind or helpful in any capacity? No! Does Aaron Morris have anything positive to add to FJS music? No! Did Aaron Morris help me pay the filing fee to legally claim the Free Jam Society trademark? No! Did Aaron Morris help with any of the very real expenses of creating, maintaining and contributing to the Free Jam Society website? No! Does Aaron Morris support the current 2021 Free Jam Society in any way? No! Has Aaron Morris supported the actual legally official Free Jam Society in any way since 2003? No!

WTF? Aaron Morris no longer contributes to in any positive way, or makes music with in any capacity, the Free Jam Society since 2003 but, Aaron Morris is happy to use the trademarked Free Jam Society title as his personal username to post online internet content with, posing as myself, while also impersonating the real Free Jam Society. Usernames do not cost any money and are apparently easy for Aaron to use to commit fraud with, as is the case here. Aaron Morris apparently has decided it would be more fun to impersonate the Free Jam Society, rather than be an actual part of it, because he does not like “zee mixer” according to his freejamsociety post from 2004. I know that really is a long time ago and may seem out dated here, but after reading it again, it reminds me of the kind of person he has become since we last jammed together on stage at Red Rocks amphitheater. Impossible. Anything and everything I do will continue to be held against me by Aaron no matter bad or good. Or no matter how long? He has been stalking me now for eighteen years! Of course, a pile of cold hard cash would probably make Aaron happy, would it not? I would have been happy to share the $20 in website sales I’ve had so far, but you see, I now have these legal fees to pay because some asshole (named Aaron Morris) is attempting a legal hostile takeover and I need to hire lawyers now to protect my interests. The Free Jam Society itself is not good enough for Aaron Morris’ participation, but it’s going to make him happy to gain legal rights to my FJS copyrights and trademarks? Because if Aaron cannot have a good time, then nobody can! Thank you For giving me a little hind sight/insight into the past with Aaron, may help with knowing how to proceed with Aaron in the future.

Aaron Morris' cynicism overwhelms his talent, much like Frank Zappa's did. As soon as Aaron Morris got my email address, he began emailing me frequently with hate mail, he then stopped showing up to the weekly jams, or communicating in person, or over the phone and has refused to return my phone messages. Then, Aaron Morris became a hate filled internet troll and sent me many more emails, calling me the "N" word multiple times, in multiple ways, as he filled up my email inbox with hate mail, over the next several years and continues to post smack to the online forums under the username FreeJamSociety. Aaron Morris has gone from being a decent contributing musical jammer with a mandolin and keyboard, to a slightly annoying nuisance, to an active physical and legal threat, to both the real Free Jam Society and myself. There is now a “non-criminal” case file regarding this impersonating, internet trolling, fraud and identity theft matter against Aaron Morris on hand within the Sherriff's Office. It could become a “criminal” file in the future, if the impersonating, internet trolling, fraud and identity theft continue.  

Which it has continued. As recently as 03/23/2021 Aaron Morris has impersonated the real Free Jam Society again. Eighteen years later, Aaron Morris takes a hard legal interest in the Free Jam Society. Why? Because it now has value. Not to Aaron Morris of course, but to others. Just like a cranky old man, anything good of value that we have, he's going to try to take away, for no apparent reason other than angry, perverse obstinance.

In 2020, Aaron Morris created a "Free Jam Society" Pay Pal account and a "Free Jam Society" Reddit account, right alongside this new 2020 FJS website's creation, how is that for impersonating and internet trolling? Aaron Morris used my trademarked Free Jam Society name as his Pay Pal and Reddit account titles! Before this new FJS website, Aaron Morris had absolutely zero legal interest in the Free Jam Society copyrights or trademarks. Aaron Morris called me the “N” word, "told me off" and went his own way a long time ago (eighteen years!). Well, Big Brother is watching your every keystroke Aaron, look out the window, are you ecstatic now? You'd better lawyer up! Good luck on your Free Jam Society legal battle! I hope it was worth it, to you! Aaron Morris has finally received the recognition he so deserves! Aaron Morris' only real known association with the Free Jam Society, will exist as a legal battle for FJS copyrights and trademarks, which do not belong to him. Go team Aaron! I know you are reading this so, please allow me to turn on the why-try, for an added level of apathy. Like wi-fi, get it? Ha!

Seriously, what's your deal Aaron Morris? You are not a player, you are not a hater, you are just another instigator. You seem to require constant validation because you are insecure with your own existence? I'm not going to go bald and gray fighting this battle, that's what the FJS legal team is for. That's their job! Very expensive (unnecessary waste of money) but, the two-thousand-two hundred and fifty dollars I have spent on the FJS legal team so far is well worth it, to do battle with a disgruntled ex-jammer who is actively impersonating the Free Jam Society and is trying to steal FJS copyrights and trademarks. I have been pawning off my guitar pedals to pay these legal fees. I believe in the Free Jam Society and will fight to protect it. I have several other "friends" like Aaron Morris and with friends like these, who needs enemies? You people claim the title of my "friend" and then proceed to f**k with me, why? What do you people have against me making music? Cancel culture, that's why! Perhaps your life sucks and you do not want anybody else to have fun too! So, you have to take away everything that means anything to anybody? Surely there must be other trademarked names you could try to use as your own, Aaron Morris? Perhaps you could now try assuming the legal rights to Oombalaboomba!

Many people's limited understanding of life could be described like this: They are either feeding, fighting, or f**king, because they don't know anything else! That is to say that, if you cannot feed it, fight it, or f**k it, you do not know what to do with it. The Free Jam Society is for music! Please take your eighteen-year-old vendetta fixation elsewhere, Aaron Morris! You cannot feed, fight, or f**k the Free Jam Society! That is not what it's for! The Free Jam Society is for music! It is my wish to delete this unsightly section from this website soon. However, people (and Robots) from the online communities deserve to know that any Free Jam Society content beyond this website is fraudulent and unofficial, as FJS copyrights and trademarks are being illegally used by internet troll Aaron Morris.  

Let me spell this out very simply for Aaron. You see Aaron, when people do an internet search for the Free Jam Society it’s because they are interested in the awesome solar powered music on stage this weekend, not because they want to see Aaron Morris’ fraudulent Free Jam Society posts which have nothing to do with music, and are actually quite racist and offensive. No offense to you, Aaron Morris. You are simply misusing a title that does not belong to you. Actively. That’s called internet trolling. And that’s bad. Please find another title to use for yourself.

Why else would Aaron Morris create a "Free Jam Society" Pay Pal account if not to try and steal my financial identity? Confuse and mislead others while attempting to re-route my funds electronically! The "Free Jam Society" Pay Pal account created by Aaron Morris has nothing to do with this legally trademarked official "Free Jam Society" website. The Free Jam Society does not support fraudsters or internet trolls and will not become a victim of Aaron Martin Morris' continuing criminal intentions!

This is not an isolated incident of mistaken identity, occurring accidently once or twice. There have been multiple times now recently, that Aaron Morris has created fraudulent “Free Jam Society” online usernames and accounts posing as me. These incidents are now well documented. Aaron thinks it’s funny to hide behind the bushes and throw rocks at people, as long as he feels safely insulated from justice. Aaron could call me on the phone and say “Hey, let’s jam sometime old buddy!” and then we could talk about stuff and make some music. The phone numbers right there! But no, rather than bringing fellowship, his keyboard, a smile, a mandolin, some ale and weed to the next jam, Aaron wants to hide behind his computer and bring on an attempted complete and total hostile legal take-over of Free Jam Society copyrights and trademarks, which don’t belong to him.

As a veteran of the psychic wars, I think, I feel, that maybe, it has now become necessary, for me to do what I can (spend a bunch of money on lawyers, two thousand-two-hundred and fifty bucks so far on legal fees) to legally protect my music, this website, my copyrights and trademarks, which I have spent the last twenty years working on, with FJS. No offense to you, Aaron Morris, but you can't have my music, my time, attention, and money too! Jeez! Friends like you are expensive!

Don't really have to be psychic or have ESP to feel the bad vibes coming from your direction! That’s two-grand plus, gone in legal fees, money which could have helped you to pay your rent instead, had you called and asked for help nicely! Well, just like our friendship, it’s gone now! That’s okay, its only money, (it’s only friendship?) and besides, I’m sure lawyers have to pay their rent too.

Instead of working together on creating music with the Free Jam Society, Aaron Morris calls me a “Nazi” from underneath his yarmulke hat, disappear for eighteen years, and then attempts to take legal ownership of Free Jam Society copyrights and trademarks away from me. Similar to a serpent in the grass maybe? That’s fine. I suppose. You do have your freedom of speech, religion and business and I will not attempt to invalidate your feelings or monetary or religious motivations. However, this is the third version or rendition of this website, and Aaron Morris has no legal precedence here. Aaron Morris’ freedoms end when it comes time to claim false fraudulent ownership of my FJS copyrights and trademarks.

It is important for everyone’s voice to be heard. I am a true believer in the “get up on the roof and shout it out, for everyone to hear” concept. This is not an attempt to silence Aaron Morris’ voice, he has the entire world of media and the internet at his disposal, just like everyone else, he can go up on the roof and yell when he feels like it. But that privilege could be taken away if used for criminal purposes, such as stalking, stealing identities, copyrights and trademarks from others. Aaron Morris has made his voice heard, and right now, Aaron’s voice seems to be screaming “I am an internet troll! I am actively engaged in stealing Free Jam Society copyrights and trademarks and programming Robo-calls!”.

I suppose I should thank Aaron Morris for stalking me for eighteen years and forcing me into this legal position. An attack on FJS copyrights and trademarks was bound to happen sooner or later from somebody, somewhere out there. When shit happens, especially online, it could be an attack from anywhere around the world but, it’s usually closer than you think, from someone you know, just right around the corner, as is the case here. No matter what your problems or who they are with, just remember, there are billions more people where that came from! Well, thank you Aaron, for pointing out the FJS weak spots, they have now been shored up and should be able to legally withstand another identity theft attack from yourself and others. It seems that all the great bands have to deal with personnel issues, legal battles and creative differences at some point in their career, so why should it be any different here? When Pink Floyd split up, they actually doubled their franchise’s abilities to make more money, by playing two different concerts at two different locations at once! So yeah, I’ll try to make something good come from this. That is probably a bad example, but. Just like with The Doors’ Jim Morrison’s antics on stage, any publicity is good publicity, right? Sure, why not? Okeeday! All aboard, for the next flight, leaving Mos Isley space port soon! 

The Free Jam Society trademarked title was created for the Free Jam Society website at Red Rocks in 2003! Aaron Morris please, go and spend thousands of your own dollars and take thousands of your own hours, over the previous eighteen years, to create your own trademarked username and website, to be used as your own personal login username to post multiple online content with, perhaps you could use or AM the Synthesist?

Aaron Morris has refused to communicate with me since 2003? Aaron Morris' previous emails to me are legally considered hate mail. Internet trolling, stalking, fraud and identity theft/posing as another person is vindictive and also subject to criminal prosecution. As "The Youth" would say, "Suck a fart, old man!". Please discontinue your bullshit and get back to making music, like we did, when musicians from around the world could freely perform onstage at Red Rocks Amphitheater (and also at the Boulder Band Shell with Ralph Gunnar Hauge), and I would record all of the music with a live Sony stereo microphone using a Windows 98 Pentium 3 Laptop (solar powered) and then post the recordings as mp3 onto the old Free Jam Society website. Something which they do not allow anymore. Go try it! This is the new Free Jam Society website copyright 2021. Eighteen years later Aaron Martin Morris! Wake Up! Man Lost in Time!

The Eighth Wonder of The World, the stage at Red Rocks Amphitheater, which was previously open and available to all musicians, has been lost to anyone unable to rent the place for a large fee. The desk jockeys in the financial world require $100,000 minimum per event during the months of May through September and $10,000 for off season use. Musicians are not allowed, renters only! Very disappointing for independent non labelled real musicians from around the real world, who used to be able to enjoy the stage freely, after traveling thousands of miles to be here, just for the acoustics. Red Rocks Amphitheater, City of Denver, AEG, Live Nation, whoever needs to clean that shipwreck up and allow real musicians from the real world back onto the stage to perform freely! The Free Jam Society is all about the music! Bring it back! Stop hogging the stage money mongers! Rather than using the stage at Red Rocks as a giant personal cash register for a few to bank off, it would be nice to use it for music for all musicians to enjoy the acoustics!

There are many people involved with the Free Jam Society who I would like to say thank you to, participants, contributors, musicians and people from all walks of life and around the world, who have worked very hard over the last twenty years and continue working hard, putting in enormous amounts of time and energy, to make the Free Jam Society happen, for everyone. It takes a lot more than just good intentions to realize a dream and to make an idea become real. Of course, I cannot mention any names here, for fear of internet trolls like Aaron Morris assuming their identity too!

It’s unfair for Aaron Morris to come and go so, briefly and then actively engage in stalking me and impersonating the Free Jam Society for the next eighteen years! Also, the internet trolling, stalking, Robo-calls, impersonating, fraud and identity theft against the Free Jam Society and myself, is undoing everyone's hard work, while intentionally misleading others online with fraudulent "FreeJamSociety" posts that actually have nothing to do with FJS music, the real Free Jam Society, or this website.

Aaron Martin Morris is not affiliated with or endorsed by the Free Jam Society. Aaron Martin Morris is not in any way, legally, officially, or otherwise associated with me, the Free Jam Society, this website, or the awesome solar powered live music on stage this weekend.

I do not know what Aaron Morris hopes to achieve by stealing my Free Jam Society copyrights and FJS trademarks. Maybe that will make him happy? Nothing else seems to.

Let’s all just stick to the formula, we know it works; sex, drugs, rock and roll! That’s it! We only have one thing to do and that’s have fun making music! …but apparently that’s just too damned complicated for some people.

 If you get really good at having fun, others will want to come and have fun with you; they call it a concert!

It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.   

AM The Synthesist is Aaron Martin Morris phone (303) 719-2275. Aaron Morris 422 1/2 Vivian St. Longmont, Colorado 80501-4871. Aaron Martin Morris if you continue to use the Free Jam Society trademarked title as your personal login username all over the internet, you will be exposed for who you actually are, with the hopes for a voluntary cease and desist, this time. Followed by a court ordered cease and desist with possible criminal charges next time. While I have been easy going the last several years about it, the new FJS legal team is in charge now, not me. Rather than respond, engage or interact with stupidity myself, I've been ignoring this matter, but the new FJS legal team says “Hey! No way!”. Go team FJS!    

Thank you for your time and have a nice day!  DM      

Unauthorized use of the Free Jam Society trademark is prohibited by law. Free Jam Society copyright 2021. FREE JAM SOCIETY copyright 2021. The Free Jam Society copyright 2021.  thefreejamsociety copyright 2021. freejamsociety copyright 2021. FJS copyright 2021. Oombalaboomba! copyright 2021. All Rights Reserved. All forms of FJS trademarked title copyrights are protected by law.